General Protoss Build Order – Early Stalkers (A Better Way to Play)

The Protoss are a very unique people. They are the best race to play with because their whole economy is based on making units faster then your opponent.หนังใหม่ชนโรง So if you see your opponent sending you early stalkers or even early zealots, then make yourself a zealot and rush him as fast as you can, because he will be very unlikely to be able to defend your early rush.

Early Stalkers

Early stalkers are great because they are so quick and good against groups of small units, like marines and marauders or zealots and stalkers. Early stalkers are also great because they are so strong against any unit that has to attack them, like Colossi, Immortals, and Zerglings. But if you see your opponent sending you Colossi, then just make some immortals and drop them behind the Colossi in your main base.

If you are not going for early immortals, then just skip the Colossi and go for Colossus or Immortals.เว็บดูหนัง You could even go for a small army of zealots to make your early rush more effective.

Strong Against

Not only are early stalkers very strong against groups of quick units, they are also very strong against units that move slowly, like siege tanks and slow air units like Mutalisks and Thors.

When up against a good Terran player, you want to make sure that you know Terran techniques before playing because they like to block their ramp with Supply Depots and Barracks and Marines and Marauders. If you see them going for fast mechanical units like Vikings or Banshees, then you will want to switch to Colossi and Zealots.

When up against a Protoss player, you will want to know how to use your zealots and colossi to make them most effective, and switch to Immortals if your opponent switches to Colossi.

When unsure of how to answer, just ask yourself if you are going to rush or wait. Of course, you won’t want to give away your tactics that much, but I will share this information with you now.

When vs. Zerg

When playing against Zerg, you will want to go for Colossi and Zealots. The Colossi are very good against Zerglings and Banelings because they are ranged.หลุดแอบถ่าย Zealots are good against all ground units that do damage, but I have noticed that they are weak against Roaches as well.

When vs. Terran

When playing against Terran, you will want to go for Marines, Marauders, and Zerglings. When facing a fast mechanical ground unit, like Siege Tanks or Thors, then you will want to go for Colossi and Sentries. These units are great against fast mechanical units, but not against Stalkers or Zealots.

When facing Protoss

For Protoss, you will want to go for Sentries, Zealots, and Colossi. Sentries are strong against Zealots, Zealots are good against Marauders, and Marauders are strong against Colossi.

Defending against air units

Besides getting ranged units, what you want to do is get the range upgrade for your Zerglings. After that, you will want to make your Zerglings ranged units. The reason why I did this is Because gatherers don’t have to get to that far to get their upgrade.

If your opponent tries to sneak in with Mutalisks and goes air to you, then you can use your Zerglings to kill off the You can also go after the workers.

At any rate, you will want to make sure that you go after the workers because they tend to drop the minerals. And if you want to go after the mineral line, then you are going to want to make sure that you trap the worker with your Zerglings. This way, your opponent cannot stop the worker to repair while the Zerglings are killing off the rest of the workers.

ScoutingThe Sasha’s Zealot’s use the Psi Storm ability. Sasha’s Zealots are great for defending your base. They are ranged and a nightmare to defend when on top of a building because of their long range.

Go at them with your Zerglings and Brood Lords. You can also go after their workers to kill off the minerals.คลิปโป๊ In short, if you play against Zerg players, you want to make sure you go after their workers to trap them and eventually kill them.